And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come. Matt 24:14
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In his new book, Apostolic Technologies, David Stafford delves into the genetic makeup of "apostolic grace." He gives the body of Christ a clear understanding of her heritage, ancestry, and culture, explaining what it really means to be apostolic.The architects are here; wise master builders have now come forward to redesign the operating system of the twenty-first-century church (ekklesia). Using the science of the Spirit, they are redesigning with revelation knowledge using prophetic-apostolic technologies and supernatural algorithms.He is not talking about rebooting the current operating system of the church. The new wine is not compatible with the old wineskin, and there is no release of the new unless there is a change in the existing construct. The redesigned operating system's architecture will accurately reflect the kingdom-now culture absent of the futurist mindset with its worldly structures. The wineskin is being reengineered not with reheated religious theology but with authentic apostolic technologies.The pioneers are gathering, apostles and prophets working in tandem to reform and bring forth a new wineskin. History shows that spiritual upgrade is revelatory, and it is established by the reformation of current revelation knowledge of recovered spiritual truth.His prayer is that this book will be used as a blueprint. May it be instrumental in tearing down and destroying the mental strongholds and constructs that compose today's institutionalized religious mindsets of carnal cognitive thinking. May it release a revelatory grace that will delete the outdated paradigm and install fresh vision and prophetic thinking. May it plant, build, and equip a new generation of saints who will rediscover the ancient paths that clearly demonstrate and restore to the body of Christ her true apostolic identity.
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